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About us

Bena Vida Maines is a small cattery in beautiful Northern California breeding both American and European type Maine Coons. These gentle giants have become the obsession of our family. They are known to be big, friendly, loving, intelligent and often silly cats. These “dogs of the cat world” are one of the most family-friendly breeds around. Raising our Maine Coons is not a business but a passion for us.

Healthy & beautiful

Health is a huge priority for us at Bena Vida Maines. We test all of our breeding Maine Coons for the known genetic issues of Maine Coons to be sure they are clear before they produce offspring.

  • PKD
  • PK Def
  • HCM
  • SMA

beautiful Lines

We pride ourselves in preserving and producing the beautiful look of the American and European Maine Coon. These cats have a gorgeous strong square muzzle, a lean muscular body, tall ears, and large expressive eyes.

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Past kittens

Get a good idea of the beautiful Maine Coons that our cattery produces.

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